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This Point in Time: Forgiveness is Universal (Flight to Oz Series)

Krych, J.W.
Here 17451745.jpg
Independently Published
Science Fiction

A decision made back in 1933 must now be dealt with. Ozma must ask for forgiveness from a direct descendant of the Romani -- all on a lunar base on the darkside of the moon! Jonathan, her pilot, will also learn why he was brought back -- 15 years after he and his ship, the SRESS Haley (SRV-1972), were declared killed in action.It is the year 2045, and an ISA Radio Observatory Base located in Tsiolkovsky Crater will encounter an incredible mystery. They and the crew members from the Golda Meir (ISASRV-1898) will struggle to understand why a missing spaceship, with a missing crew member, have returned.And, why the second member of the spacecraft is not entirely human.

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