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Off To Kill the Wizard (Return to Oz With a Vengeance: Book 1)

Thomas, Warren
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Rollicking Dragon Press

After living a long, fruitful life on her Kansas farm, Dorothy discovers that her 'dear, devoted' family is about to put her into a home. Devastated, she looks to the one place she knows will welcome her with loving arms, and allow her to comfortably live out her remaining days: Oz, that glorious, beautiful land. Her magical shoes transport her back, but she doesn't find the land of her fond remembrance. Although returned as a 20-year-old, not all goes well. She discovers, with horror, that Scarecrow has become a Wicked Wizard, an evil tyrant who has conquered the lands of Oz in her name, leaving her reviled, her name a curse. Declaring that 'this will not stand', Dorothy prepares to right the wrongs done in her name. As far as she's concerned, Scarecrow better start trembling in fear like the Cowardly Lion of old, because she has returned to Oz with a Vengeance, and now she's Off to Kill the Wizard.

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