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Rayale is the Pied Piper of legend. She's a mystic. A wise woman, and one badass warrior who needs nothing and no one to make her whole. Or at least that's what she tells herself and sometimes it gets easy to believe the lie until the one person you love more than all the worlds is suddenly in grave danger and you're the only one that can save him.But Llewelyn, son of the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red, isn't only just cursed, he's not even on Kingdom at all. Something's happened, something no one expected, a lonely witch in a realm long forgotten has plucked him out of time and space for reasons that only she knows.Now Rayale finds herself in Oz, a land full of twisted and dark legends that she's not sure she knows how to fight. But she refuses to give up on the one man she's ever loved, even if he did betray her trust long, long ago. But sometimes the truth isn't black and white, sometimes the truth is little more than shades of gray.This is their Once Upon Another Time...

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