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Red Brick Road, The

Wills, Robert P.
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Independently Published

Glenda, the Witch of the North has a problem- the other members of her Cardinal Coven are alive and she really most sincerely doesn't want them that way. The Cardinal Coven was always contentious but since the arrival of the mysterious (and yet potentially non-magical) Wizard, alliances have formed. The witches of the East and West seem to pal around more than they used to. Reports are they even fly around together! On separate brooms- they are close but not that close. More troubling are the rumors that they are both working on magical talisman to get rid of the Witch of the North. The Witch of the West is creating an all-powerful broom. The one in the East is on the verge of perfecting some magic shoes. Really. A more immediate concern is the Witch of the South who has created a powerful crystal star talisman. Safe in her snowy realm, she bides her time waiting for the chance to deal a deathly blow to the Witch of the North. At least that's what the Witch of the North thinks. And that's good enough for her. The time for action is now- and the more lethal the better! When a tornado brings a Kansas (non-singing) Newsie to Oz, the Witch of the North sees a way to rid herself of her troublesome Coven sisters. Or at least one of them. Seeing an opportunity to decrease the surplus Witch population and not have the incident implicate her, she sends the young man to retrieve the star talisman. Along for the ride is a pushy rooster who thinks he's the leader of the group; Marren, a Lollipop Guild Enforcer who wants the talisman for himself; and the famous chef, Gertie the Goat who's just looking for work. Prepare yourself for a whimsical, barreling trip through Oz as they follow the Red Brick Road to the Witch of the South, setting the wheels of political change in Oz in motion. This story sets up how just a week later, those wheels of change roll over two more witches and a Wizard thanks to a young Kansas gal who finishes the job.

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