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Northern Oz - Beyond The Yellow Brick Road: Revised Edition

Kelly, V.
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Vincent Kelly

Long ago the wondrous Land of Oz was discovered by generations of children and adults alike. But what few people knew was across the great desert and beyond the most northern territories of Oz was a land long ago forgotten. That land was Northern Oz. Once connected to all the counties within Oz by the Yellow Brick Road it became forever separated by an evil spell cast by a wicked sorceress. She covered the great desert with a dreary, dense fog that thwarted any attempt at crossing. Since then Northern Oz has existed only as a memory, passed down from one generation to the next …until now. So come and join Kristi and her friends, Obo the street clown, Oddbitz the crash car dummy, Timba who is half wolf half man, and the floating-darting Wim the little Wimbididee as they journey through the exciting and magical lands of Northern Oz. The story takes place in a land I learned to love as a child. Northern Oz is the first of three books about the adventures of Kristi and her friends in the lands over and beyond the rainbow. They go to places and meet characters that Dorothy never dreamed of! Readers of all ages will enjoy Northern Oz. The story has unending fantasy, colorful characters* and timeless relevance.

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