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Winnerfu Warlock o Oz: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in North-East Scots (Doric) (Scots Edition), The

Baum, Lyman Frank
Blackhall, Sheena
Here 16981698.jpg
Denslow, William Wallace

The Winnerfu Warlock o Oz is L. Frank Baum's tale o a wee quine caad Dorothy, fa wi her tyke Toto is cairriet by a furlywin frae Kansas tae the fey an bonnie lan o Oz. Here she ettles tae veesit the Emerant Toon tae sikk its heid bummer, a warlock caad Oz, tae sen her back hame again. On the wey she faas in wi a Tattiebogle, fa's sikkin harns; a Tin Widmannie, fa wints tae hae a hairt; an a Cooardy Lion, fas ae wint is tae hae virr. The wee pairty encoonter mony mishanters an mervelous happenins on the wey, bit win tae the Emerant Toon safe, their success bein doon tae the thochtfuness o the Tattiebogle, the douce care o the Tin Widmannie, an the virr o the Cooardy Lion. This is the buik ahin the weel kent 1939 film--that differs frae the oreeginal buik in a fair fyew weys! This full-colour buik hauds the oreeginal illustrations by William Wallace Denslow that wir scanned frae copies o the first edeetion. There's 24 colour plates an 150 text illustrations, mony localized inno the Scots leid. The buik his bin typeset in a wey like thon o the first edeetion, wi a puckle typographic cheenges fur the reader nooadays.

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