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Lost Tales of Oz, The

Bongiorno, Joe
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Shanower, Eric
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

18 exciting new stories set in the fantastical world of L. Frank Baum's Land of Oz! Join with the questing parties of the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and others as they search for Ozma in "The Other Searches for the Lost Princess"! Stalk a hidden menace in the Emerald City when a mystery-game reveals that an old friend may not be what he seems! Journey into the ancient past when Oz was first enchanted and the animals start to speak! Have adventures with Dorothy, Betsy, Trot, Ojo, the Woozy, Scraps, the Sawhorse, Tommy Kwikstep, the Wizard, the Red Jinn, Button-Bright, marauding ogres, giant frogs, an evil spirit, and much more! Profusely illustrated by the award-winning Eric Shanower, this 572 page anthology is certain to satisfy every fantasy fan's needs! Includes in-universe notes, authors' notes, editor's notes, continuity notes, and biographies! Prologue, by Joe Bongiorno The Great and Terrible Oz Mystery, by Michael O Riley The Witch's Mother, by Paul Dana The Trade: A Langwidere Story, by Mike Conway Ojo and the Woozy, by J.L. Bell The Other Searches for the Lost Princess, by Nathan M. DeHoff Chop, by Eric Shanower 2nd Interlude, by Joe Bongiorno In Flesh of Burnished Tin, by Jeff Rester Diplomatic Immunity, by David Tai Scrap Bag Circus, by Margaret Berg The Wizard in New York, by Sam Sackett Ali Cat in Oz, by Sam Sackett Lurline and the Talking Animals of Oz, by Joe Bongiorno Tommy Kwikstep and the Magpie, by Jared Davis Ozma and the Orange Ogres in Oz, by Nathan M. DeHoff & Joe Bongiorno Quiet Victory, by Marcus Mebes Vaneeda in Oz, by Nathan M. DeHoff 3d Interlude, by Joe Bongiorno The Puppet Mistress of Oz, by Andrew Heller

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