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First Witches of Oz, The

Wallace II, James C.
Wallace, Amanda
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In the early days of Oz, long before Dorothy, Toto and the Wizard, before Princess Ozma or Glinda; Good Witch of the South, before Munchkins, Scarecrows, Tinmen or even Cowardly Lions, there was Lurline; Goddess of All Creation, who roamed the land and waters of Earth, for Oz did not exist as we know it today. It was for Lurline to bring forth the creatures and persons to reside among the forests and rivers and mountains and vast prairies that made up the Land of Oz. It was for Lurline to populate the lands with all manner of fairies and sprites and magical creatures, such as Dragons and Gumps and Nomes. And it was for Lurline to bring forth the very first witch of Oz, whose name was Marlet, and set in motion all of the Goodness and Evil that would follow in Marlet's footsteps. It was Marlet who soon discovered that the line between Goodness and Evil was a very fine line indeed as she made her way in Oz, creating all the magical spells, charms, jinxes, incantations and potions that all witches and warlock use today. It was her Warlock mate, Walden who discovered how truly fine that line was between Good and Evil.

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