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Smrekar, Dale Patrick
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Dale Smrekar

A magical parallel universe trip into a world once visited by authors Lewis Carroll {Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland} and Frank Baum {The Wonderful Wizard of Oz}. Featuring a world of new colorful characters, flying monkeys, witches, talking animals, a Queen who cannot die, little people, parallel dimension travelers, and a nebulous creature known as the Wisp who attempts to manipulate the actions of all to achieve his own sometimes mysterious goals. This is not the world described by Lewis Carrol or Frank Baum, but a world where violence, intolerance, lies and misrepresentations have become so common no one knows who or what to believe. It is a quite twisted world where genocide has become a favored means to deal with perceived problems. Into this world Alice, not Carroll’s Alice, but another Alice, and her team must recruit unexpected allies from this universe to guide her efforts to counter the evils of OZ and Wonderland and try to avoid losing their heads while they search for missing parallel dimension travelers thought to be imprisoned in the dungeons of OZ and Wonderland.

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