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Murder, Most Sincerely

Nault, Beverly
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Ding dong, the Tin Man’s dead! Will stage manager Lucy Lambert also get the ax? Toto’s been poisoned, a cast member’s dead, and the police blame Lucy’s lax safety measures. To clear her name, she investigates, revealing the true killer hiding behind the curtain, and becomes the next target. When the Tin Man dies during Morgan Valley Community Theater’s closing performance of “The Wizard of Oz,” Lucy Lambert’s dream job as stage manager is on the chopping block. When the police blame her poor safety procedures for the death, she’s determined to prove her competence. In the process, though, she uncovers evidence the actor was indeed murdered and becomes the killer’s next target. Handsome veterinarian, Cade Winston, doubts Lucy even when he finds Toto has been poisoned, but then events unfold convincing him there is trouble in Oz. The two work together to lure out the culprit bent on framing Lucy for the Tin Man’s demise, and discover there’s no place like home in each other’s arms.

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