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Witches Of Oz, The (Jenny Polo Book 1)

Arden, Adriana
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Fetish World Books

When Jenny Polo desperately wishes to escape from a frightening encounter with an old teacher, she could have had no idea how far that wish would take her. Caught up by an impossible inter-dimensional whirlwind she lands in a twisted and perverse version of Oz, where human women are known as “femkins” and are used as milkers, ponygirls and pleasure slaves. Jenny is captured, beaten and gang-banged by little blue-clad men. She is rescued by the beautiful and seductive Witch of the West, who turns out to be a lesbian sadist. Once in her power, Jenny is subjected to numerous perversions and intimate magical bodily “improvements”. At every turn, Jenny experiences domination, suffering and misuse by Munchkins, Witches, a Wizard, sex machines and even living trees! Her only hope of returning home is to complete a dangerous mission for Oz, the Great and Terrible. But the Wizard in this Oz in no kindly old man but an enthusiastic slave trader. Can she trust him to keep his word? “The Witches of Oz” is the first story in the Jenny Polo series: the adventures of a brave but unlucky heroine who is naked from start to finish!

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