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Dorothy Does Oz Again: The Humpy Road to Oz

Nichon, Aimee
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At 19, Dorothy is still a bit naïve but sexually adventurous as she demonstrates on her return to Oz. No tornado to help her get there this time. Instead she must travel the humpy road that leads (she hopes) to Oz and the Emerald City. She shares her erotic odyssey and her many charms with a new assortment of oddball characters: a very raggedy man who can make himself desirable using a love magnet, a sailor who's never been to sea and who insists Dorothy owes him a blow job, and a ticking talking alarm clock who has arms, legs and other things that need frequent winding. When she arrives at the Emerald City, she discovers that the Wizard is out of favor and that all of Oz is ruled by Queen Ozmerelda whose aunt was the wicked witch of the west, the one Dorothy killed.

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