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Perverts of Oz - 1: Taken by Toto in the Tornado

Hule, Malaw
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Deadlier Than the Male Publications

Dorothy is a prisoner, a runaway and sex slave to her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Day after day, they use her for their own personal gratification while she dreams about getting far, far away. Then one day, a tornado comes and whisks the small prison of a house away, but not before the neighbor's horny Doberman, Toto, jumps on board, with his lusty eyes on Dorothy... This isn't the Oz you remember. Malaw Hule has crafted a new tale from the storybook classic, taking the bare outline and character names and turning them upside-down and twisting them with her own dirty mind. Told in classic serial form, look forward to a new, raunchy episode every seven to ten days! (There are 24 different volumes in the series)

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