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Ui: Realm of the Eight Hands

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A re-imagining, and mash-up, of The Wizard of Oz, and Jack and the Beanstalk. Recent flooding that wiped out half of the village's crops, Hadrian and his uncle face starvation, and threats against their lives by the Duke of Johnstone if they do not pay their levy. One night Hadrian finds three white beads. One transforms, at his touch, into a white bean. Hadrian plants the single white bean the next morning. In two weeks, the stalk is so tall it reaches into the clouds. The village is terrified the gods will blame them for this blasphemy and they complain to the Duke. The Duke orders the stalk to be destroyed, but it is impervious to any damage. He then orders Hadrian to climb the stalk and beg the gods for their mercy upon Johnstone. When Hadrian reaches the clouds, he passes out. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a lush, dense forest. Confused and exhausted he makes camp at the nearby demolished house. His introduction to the realm of Ui begins. Strange creatures offer to help Hadrian, and though afraid, he begins to trust them. Through a series of events, and a determination to find his way back to his uncle, he meets incredible beings and gains three loyal companions along the way. Hadrian and his companions face great perils to reach the Eight Hands - an ancient immortal council that create the laws of magic and nature. Will they reach the Eight Hands? Would the Eight hands grant the companions their desires? Will the destructive force of Ui conquer the companions?

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