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Getting Back to Oz Book 2: Dorothy's Wisdom

Reece, Jess
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A farm girl. A witch. A magic compass. Having already survived the worst that Wonderland, Neverland, and the Arabian desert threw at her, Dorothy Gale wants nothing more than to wake up in her own bed on her aunt and uncle’s farm in Kansas. The arcane enchantment on the compass of the Emerald City isn’t going to let go of her so easily, however. Dorothy and her friends, Winifred Jones and Almira West (of Wicked Witch fame) instead find themselves thrust once more into one classic literary world after another. Bitterly disappointed at not getting home after their last adventure, Winnie has surrendered possession of the compass, while Almira’s magic has flourished, developing unpredictable consequences of its use. In their desperate quest to survive, the three women face all new dangers—fairy changelings, eldritch monsters, and gothic vampires—leaving the burden upon Dorothy to discover the confidence to trust her own instincts and learn the value of her own inner wisdom. After all, there is no place like home.

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