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Guardian Martyr: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (Hidden Heroes of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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The Land of Oz, decades before Dorothy. Solemn witches scheme to conquer the land, while a broken apprentice dreads the day when her master will expect her to live up to all expectations of wickedness. Virtue and villainy, heartache and horror, treachery and trust--all define these powerful players in this new age of Oz. SHE HAS ENDURED THE DARKNESS FOR TOO LONG. NOW SHE WILL FIND HER PLACE IN THE LIGHT. She betrayed her best friends to save their lives. That deed won Locasta the favor of the witch and earned her the coveted apprenticeship. Since that moment, she has wondered if her sacrifice was worth it, or even if it was recognized at all. She knows all the spells, and she feels the whispers of the magic, but she also knows the ruthless sting of her master's temper. Bruises heal, but a broken mind cannot see past its own need for survival. Her silent hope finds a voice in an impetuous young sorceress, who gives Locasta the courage to gather the pieces of her shattered life and find her own way in a world where the rules have just changed forever. Hidden Heroes of Oz explores the unsung heroes that shaped the Land of Oz long before Dorothy's incomparable entrance into Emerald City. This is the story of Locasta Brenfire, and how she became the Good Witch of the North.

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