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Reinier, Otto
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Reverse Bibliotherapy (or “Skoobing”) is an experimental practice designed to help participants reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, improve sleep for those with insomnia, and increase one’s ability to focus on desired tasks. Evidence has shown that traditional reading (bibliotherapy) is therapeutic in nature, which leads to the theory that the increased engagement, attention, and thought process used during Reverse Bibliotherapy may magnify the benefits for anxiety, insomnia, and focus. The way this practice works is by taking classic novels, keeping the story identical from start to finish, word-for-word, however reversing the positioning of the letters in each word. For example, the word “books” becomes “skoob.” The opening lines of Peter Pan become: “Lla nerdlihc, tpecxe eno, worg pu. Yeht noos wonk taht yeht lliw worg pu, dna eht yaw Ydnew wenk saw siht…” While engaging in Reverse Bibliotherapy, the language areas of the reader’s brain are used differently to decode the words, thus enabling the participant to be drawn further into the activity than traditional reading. This increased engagement may help to provide a healthy distraction from causes that trigger anxiety, keep individuals awake at night, or prevent the ability to focus on important tasks.

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