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Generation Oz Trilogy

Ali, Tim
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A dark wizard called Maxim was banished from his magic school of wizardry, grew powerful and took on 2 witches as his apprentices (Momeanir and Moevillir). After they destroyed Maxim’s old school Momeanir took a pair of magical gold slippers that Maxim wanted for himself. She turns him to stone and the 2 witches start taking over Oz. Glinda is instructed by her future seeing daughter to assemble the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion in order to defeat the witches. She gives them heart, knowledge and courage, as well as weapons in order to defeat the sisters. They find themselves losing and one of Glinda’s daughters summons the chosen one, Dorothy and her dog Toto, to Oz. A house lands on Momeanir, killing her and Dorothy accidentally kills the other sister by splashing her with water. Oz is saved and Dorothy returns home, but still visits occasionally with the gold slippers. 16 years later and Maxim is no longer made of stone (now that Momeanir and Moevillir are dead). Glinda and 4 of her daughters try to stop Maxim but he kills them all. Maxim attacks the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion, ripping their brains, courage and heart from their bodies. He threatens to kill their children if they don’t tell him where the gold slippers are. Lion tells him and he kills them and kidnaps their children. Maxim visits Dorothy, kidnaps her and tells her daughter Jennifer to find the slippers and bring them to him in 2 days or he’ll kill her mother. Jennifer is given the slippers by Nicky (another one of Glinda’s daughters) and teaches her how to use the slipper’s magic. Jennifer rescues her mother along with her friend’s children. Janet (the scarecrows daughter), Jamie (the tin man’s son) and Leon (the Lion’s son) are given their parents magical relics and, along with Jennifer and Nicky, they attack Maxim. Maxim over powers Jennifer and Dorothy has to step in, turning him back into stone. Everything seems peaceful until Maxim’s soul takes over a witches body and we end on a to be continued and start part 2 and part 3.

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