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King Rinkitink

Baum, Lyman Frank
Heller, Andrew J.
Here 15861586.jpg
Neill, John Rea
Laparra, Javi
International Wizard of Oz Club

L. Frank Baum wrote the non-Oz fantasy King Rinkitink in 1905, but it wasn't until 1916 that it saw print as Rinkitink in Oz, with significant changes to the ending. Although, the original was lost, a century later, the International Wizard of Oz Club brought King Rinkitink back to life with a new ending written in Baum's style and sensibility. When sea-raiders invade the peaceful island of Pingaree and carry off its inhabitants to slavery, only young Prince Inga, jolly King Rinkitink, and his grumpy goat Bilbil are left behind. Aided by three Magic Pearls, these unlikely heroes set out to rescue Inga’s people from captivity, a quest that takes on adventures across the ocean and into the dangerous underground world of the Nome King! Deluxe hardcover edition features a restoration of Neill's original b&w illustrations and color plates, and five new chapters with two new color plates and b&w illustrations by Javi Laparra!

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