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Manor House of Oz

Baum, Margaret
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The adventures of the Silverglade family in the Land of Oz continue! Aiden Silverglade and the Good Warlock Del have discovered themselves to be trapped in a nervous hospital called the Manor House of Oz. To exacerbate the matter, the two friends have lost all memories, except for their names and the fact that they two are the best of friends. During their journey to freedom, they make interesting new acquaintances, from hags to pixies. Meanwhile, Glinda along with Lady Thorn and Lady Thistle learn of a new threat to the Land of Oz: a wicked witch of great power who resides in the north. They come to find that the wicked witch is the proprietor of the Manor House of Oz. The three sorceresses work together to free their friends, Aiden and Del, from the hands of the wicked witch. Join the adventures of Aiden, Del, and Glinda in the Land of Oz as they fight against a mighty wicked witch of terrible power who has stolen not just the memories of numerous citizens of Oz but something else that can increase the wicked witch’s magical aptitude.

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