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Wonderland: Land of Oz - Where Is That Wizard (Wonderland: The Fairytale Continues Volume 5)

Messruther, Sue
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In the Land of Oz, Sarah finds herself in a race to save Arys from the cage he is imprisoned in. However, she soon discovers that she will have to confront far more than a few bars in order to set him free. As she, and her new friends attempt to perform a rescue a vicious creature confronts them. A snake, that grows to tower over them with sharp fangs, and the eyes of a witch. Sarah knows now that they are not simply here to guide Leo back home. Their intentions may have once been to help the others, but now their one goal has become to get out of Oz, alive. When the snake disappears, they are left to defend themselves against a giant iron monkey, which is no longer a statue perched on the edge of the gate of the castle. It is eager to crush anyone in its path. With Scott's forgetfulness, and insistence that Sarah is Dorothy, and Leo's run first ask questions later policy, Sarah feels as if she only has herself to rely on. Luckily her new friends prove to be more useful than they look. Arys discovers the cage has a spell cast over it, which may result in a multitude of disasters if Sarah attempts to free him. She knows their only hope is to find the Wizard, who might be able to aid them in freeing Arys. Along the way Leo and Sarah encounter even more strange things, including a tar pit swallowing a forest, and a loose dog searching for its owner. Leo calls him Toto, and Toto leads them to what appears to be a cave. From within the cave a booming voice threatens them, but Sarah refuses to turn away. She knows that she can't leave without Arys, and that the Wizard is her only solution. When he finally reveals himself, his stature does not equate the vastness of the threatening voice that had been shouting from within the cave. The cave also turns out to be an illusion, as it fades away to reveal the ghostly remains of the Emerald City. The Wizard confesses his role in the Queen's success, but initially refuses to help Sarah. When Sarah is forced to rest, she discovers yet another message in a dream. In the dream she sees a young woman, bound and hidden away in a place that no one would ever think to look. A young woman, she knows is called Dorothy. Now she has two captives to rescue, one who she cares deeply for, and one who she has never met. The Wizard agrees to help Sarah, if she will help him rescue Dorothy. As their journey unfolds Sarah learns more about the Wizard's role in the destruction of his own plain, and his deep desire to find a way to save it. Just as they think they will never have the chance, it is Dorothy who demonstrates her dedication to Oz through an act of pure bravery. Sarah learns more about Letia's gifts, and their purpose. She is also given two gifts of her own. One from the Wizard, which will guide her through any new journeys she takes, and one from Dorothy that may be more of a curse than a blessing. But will this journey be the unraveling of the already tenuous relationship that Arys and Sarah had been forming? Will it lead to more suspicion and hesitance? If they make it back to Wonderland, will they ever truly be the same?

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