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Dark Dreams in Oz (The Hidden History of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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The Land of Oz: Decades before Dorothy. The Orphan Sorceress of Oz, first book in the Hidden History of Oz series, introduced readers to the powerful players vying for control of the Land of Oz during the Witch Wars. Now, two years later, Glinda is undisputed ruler of the South, but her hunger for knowledge and power leads her deeper into dangerous experimentation in the sorcerous arts. Magic and mayhem, dreams and defiance, secrets and sacrifice, all define this new age in the Land of Oz. THE WIZARD’S SECRETS BELONG TO HER. SHE WILL PROVE IT TO THE WORLD. Seventeen-year old Glinda has a reputation for control over her kingdom, her magic, and her friends. Unbeknownst to them, she unleashes a powerful and unstoppable new weapon, forged from the stolen nightmares of the Wizard. This betrayal drives the young Wizard far beyond her reach. Kally’s lifelong mastery of magic has earned her a kingdom, many enemies, but no friends to soften her black heart. With a new face fashioned from forbidden magic, she enchants the wandering Wizard to join her in an impossible quest to bring lasting peace to the troubled Land of Oz. Glinda’s crusade to reclaim the Wizard triggers a desperate race against enthralling magic, inhuman armies, and even the unchained powers of nature, driving her to unthinkable actions that threaten everything that she stands for.

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