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Curse of Magic, The: Oz Series Book 2

Benson, Nicholas Alexander
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Independently Published

After a cyclone tore through Kansas, a young girl named Dorothy and her black dog Toto were transported to the world of Oz. Upon returning to Kansas Dorothy told her Auntie Em about her adventures in Oz. Auntie Em then reveals to Dorothy that she too has been on a series of magic adventures in her past. Together Auntie Em and Dorothy using a series of artifacts from Auntie Em’s childhood adventures as a witch, recover the magical silver slippers Dorothy lost on her way back to Kansas from Oz. Auntie Em teaches Dorothy how to harness the true powers of the silver slippers, powers far beyond what even the Witch of the East had originally known they possessed. Auntie Em taught Dorothy how to master this power hoping that if a threat ever were to arise that Dorothy would be able to properly defend herself. Now it appears that such a threat has reared its head while Dorothy’s sleeping, a threat that Auntie Em the Witch of the Gray, must face alone.

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