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Orphan Sorceress of Oz, The: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (The Hidden History of Oz)

Telford, Tarl
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A rebellious teenage sorceress. A young wizard with a helpful heart. Three wicked witches waging war. Every choice has consequences. Glinda learned that painful decision when she rebelled for the first time against her domineering mother, the Ruby Sorceress. That was over a simple white dress. But her reckless actions opened the way for the Wicked Witches to embark on their devastating plan to conquer Oz. Unexpectedly orphaned, and her claim to her kingdom crushed, Glinda finds herself on the run from the Wicked Witches. From the sky falls a courageous young wizard. He carries stories of freedom and independence to a land that has only known the rule of kings. Together, they find friendship and the strength to stand against the impossible armies arrayed against them. Glinda's only weapons in this Witch War are three spells, a few clever friends, and a wizard with unwavering faith in freedom. Let the battle for Oz begin. The Orphan Sorceress of Oz is the first book in The Hidden History of Oz series, an epic fairy tale adventure set decades before L. Frank Baum's masterpiece, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This series brings the excitement of epic fantasy to the magical land of Oz.

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