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From Oz to Om: The Spiritual Journey Home

Bowe, Tracy Flynn
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Tracy Flynn Bowe
Religious & Spiritual

From Oz to Om invites readers into the mystery of their own adventures. Author and spiritual teacher, Tracy Flynn Bowe, calls us into a deeper analysis of the great metaphors of Oz. She takes us along on Dorothy’s heroic journey with a modern day interpretation that invites readers into their own spiritual journey of consciousness and connection. As we walk with Dorothy through her epic journey home, we are led symbolically through the universal stages of the spiritual journey, integrating the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and the seven chakras of eastern spirituality. Like Dorothy, we discover that we will find what we seek not outside of ourselves, but rather within ourselves. This mythical story walks us along our own “yellow brick road” to the center of our being, deep within ourselves, to discover our true spiritual home. This is truly the evolutionary key. This is the OM that sets us free. It is our universal "home" in consciousness. This discovery allows us to walk through the difficulties, challenges and painful experiences of human life with poise and grace and a deep and eternal knowing that despite all of our disappointments and struggles, all is well. Once we have touched and rested in this universal home in our consciousness, then all things are possible, every struggle along the path is bearable, every disappointment or darkness can be overcome and we can fully experience the joy and bliss of the path. Foreword by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D., author of What Color is Your Personality and Healing Happens With Your Help.

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