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Prankster of Oz, The

Rose, John R.
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Barney Fields, a retired farmer, meets Billy, a homeless youngster, at a farm auction. Through a freak set of circumstances, Barney becomes the owner of a mule, Two-Bits, who can speak. A terrific windstorm comes up and Barney and his two new friends find a rolling horse tank and try to hold it down by getting inside. After being ripped from the earth and sailing through a stormy sky, they find themselves in Munchkin Country in Oz. And it turns out one of the trio has been to Oz before… Two-Bits was once a reindeer for Santa Claus in Kringle’s Kingdom that retired. He had made the trip to Oz and crossed paths with a mischievous fellow known as the Prankster. The Prankster had swiped a magic book and was placing spells on different residents of Oz, thinking it was all in good fun. He, of course, was the only one who thought so. Barney, Billy, and Two-Bit begin their search to undo the spell on Two-Bits and to find THE PRANKSTER OF OZ. Author John R. Rose returns children of all ages to L. Frank Baum’s well loved Land of Oz. Journey with our band of heroes and encounter such characters as The Tin Woodman, a wire greyhound named Bouncer, Princess Ozma, frog-like cowboys riding razorback hogs, and even the infamous Wizard himself. Join Pro Se Productions and its YOUNGPULP! imprint on the other side of the rainbow for the pursuit of THE PRANKSTER OF OZ by John R. Rose.

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