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Oz Files, The

Candela, Kevin
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Strange things are brewing in Oz, and not necessarily in a witch's cauldron. In the wake of Dorothy's departure, the enigmatic Wizard has enlisted the No Longer Cowardly Lion, the Too Much Heart Tin Man and the Brainy But Still Not So Wise Scarecrow to investigate the weirdness that's going on--in many places, and in many forms--all across the Land Beyond the Rainbow. Gritty Rory Mayne, Softhearted Stan Plumb and Sharp Haywood Fields will need all their talents, old and new, and more than a little luck to survive this ride. Giant carnivorous birds, robots that pass as humans, gangsters, unpredictable babes, shootouts--Rory and his partners are in way over their heads the moment they set foot outside the Wizard's palace. Can they sort it out or did Dorothy the Alien ditch the scene way too soon? Inspired equally by The Wizard of Oz/L. Frank Baum and Steve Martin's 1982 movie Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, this fast-paced, foulmouthed diary of a half-man/half-lion tech who's seen it all--but hasn't really seen anything yet--will have you guessing all the way through; that is, if you can stop laughing long enough to consider the actual mystery.

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