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Tinker Smith and the Conspiracy of Oz

Parke, Solitaire
Science Fiction

Ten children are stolen from their parents while at a summer camp and genetically altered. They have become part human and part something else, each with extraordinary capabilities. These new abilities cause them to become freaks in a society that is being altered by the geneticist who made them - Oscar Zoroaster, the Wizard of Oz. His technological prowess is far beyond standard science and he deploys it on an unsuspecting populace causing worldwide chaos. OZ wants to reshape the world using a computer virus called EPITOMY and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Johnny and his father find themselves thrust into this world of technology where they meet Tinker, one of the ten children. Together they forge ahead in the hope of survival. Unknown to anyone, Oscar has created a subprogram within the virus, the Oz Immortality Sequence. In the event of death - reanimation takes effect. Can it be stopped, or has Oz unleashed an unbeatable mammoth that will bring the world to its knees?

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