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Oz Sucks

Pourchot, Becky
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"Clever, funny, and light, this imaginative, well-written romp through Oz is an absolute pleasure to read." --Anna Zaires, New York Times bestselling author. After being blown to Oz via hurricane, Jayne, a snarky, brash Florida woman, must adapt to life in a world of munchkin swindlers, crystal-wearing witches, and one big-headed man who seems to know her game better than she does. To make enough money to get home, Jayne spends her days selling trinkets to Emerald City tourists and her nights scamming munchkins with her fake fortune-telling powers. When she starts falling for Nick, an over-confident Kansas transplant, she finds herself pulled into the complexities of Oz’s underbelly as she is forced to choose between helping him and finding her way home.

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