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Wizard of OZ, Where Is He Now?, The

Mickelson, Richard
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Tate Publishing

""NO! NO! NO! Rosebud can't go,"" shouted the Wizard of Oz. Have you ever asked yourself, ""Where did the Wizard of OZ go when he left the Emerald City, and where is he now?"" If so, read on. As you may already know, the Wizard of OZ was about to fly Dorothy and Toto home to Kansas in his hot air balloon. Just as they were ready to fly away, Toto jumped out of Dorothy's arms to chase a cat, and Dorothy stepped out of the basket to catch Toto. A sudden gust of wind lifted the basket into the air, and the Wizard of OZ flew away without them. What the Wizard of OZ didn't know was that Dorothy had hidden her undersized munchkin friend, Rosebud, inside a pile of clothing on board the basket. She wanted to take Rosebud to Kansas and feed her corn so she could grow taller and be like the other munchkin children. But the Wizard of OZ had refused to let Rosebud fly with them. He feared that the extra weight would be too much, and the hot air balloon would never get off the ground. They were both about to take the ride of a lifetime. This is the fantastic journey of the Wizard of OZ and Rosebud and their many amazing adventures. I spent three years in the Emerald City interviewing Dorothy, the Munchkins, witches, flying monkeys, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and many others. My unbelievable findings, which you are about to read, will amaze and amuse you. Enjoy this wonderful, revealing novel, The Wizard of OZ, Where Is He Now?

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