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Red Brick Road, The

Page, Edwin
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Dorothy is washed up on the shore of a strange and polluted land. Meeting an old woman on the beach who claims she was once a witch, she is told to follow the red brick road in order to find the Warlock, who is a powerful wizard. On the way she meets two companions with whom she shares her adventure and discovers she must face the Baron, the vile man obsessed with wealth who has caused the land to become sickened. Dorothy is hunted every step of the way by a fiend made of churning fumes that the Baron has sent after her in order to pollute her heart and mind. Will she manage to evade this relentless monster? Will she free the land of pollution’s grip and end the terrible reign of the Baron? Journey with her and find out what happens as she follows the red brick road. The Red Brick Road is a novella with contemporary relevance and a very big heart, one filled with goodness and love.

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