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Nomes of Oz

Wallace II, James C.
Wallace, Amanda
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Scientia Est Vox Press

It had been over a century since Mr. Tinker had built his ladder to the Moon in hopes of picking stars for King Pastoria’s crown; only to find the Moon so lovely a place that he had pulled up his ladder and decided to make his home there. Now, he has returned to Oz with a pouch full of Lunar Gems and hopes of presenting them to the new Ruler of Oz, Princess Ozma. The only problem is a Nome named Kaliko, who it so happens is on his own mission to restore the Nomes of Oz, all of whom have escaped into the Great Outside and turned into stone Garden Gnomes. With the help of Enarc Brenkert, a mysterious contraption from long ago; as well some assistance from the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Oz and their friends, the Snot Otters, Mr. Tinker conquers the Ozsnobs, Roy G Biv's and even an enchanted Dragon named Drago as he seeks to fulfill King Pastoria's legacy, and honor the rightful Heir to the Lunar Gems.

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