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Other Wizard of Oz, The (Shadow of Oz Volume 3)

Damon, Nick
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After defeating the Nome King and saving the Land of Oz, Dorothy and Jasper have settled into their roles as Queen and King, bringing peace to the kingdom. Now, years later, that peace is shattered when the Wizard of Oz returns, seeking revenge for his decades-long exile. During the invasion of Emerald City, Dorothy’s daughter is kidnapped! Dorothy and Jasper escape the Wizard’s army, desperate to get their daughter back, and find themselves lost in the farthest reaches of Oz. With the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow, locked away in prison, Dorothy and Jasper are on their own. Can they locate their daughter and make their way home in time? They will have to fight their way through monsters, pirates, mechanical men, and more if they are going to succeed. Rumors of another Wizard in these outer lands may be the key to their salvation, but what is his terrible secret and why is he hiding? Who is this OTHER Wizard of Oz?

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