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Oh, My God!: Moving Beyond Emerald City

Farias, Javier
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Balboa Press
Religious & Spiritual

This book is a follow-up to the author’s previous one which revealed the underlying, but veiled, symbolism in the Wizard of Oz. His suggestion regarding the connection between Emerald City and the Catholic Church was not well received. Even more objectionable to many was his assertion that the powerless phony wizard, that “Whiz of a wiz,” is a direct analogy to the God of the Old Testament. These chapters will serve as a guided tour of the “spiritual nooks and crannies” of Holy Scripture. These nooks have been carefully ignored and side-stepped by theologians for a very long time. Those willing to start from a spiritual blank slate and step forward with an open mind will be shocked to their core by what they discover in the many never discussed nooks. While many have claimed to reveal the “secrets” of the Mother Church, you will find here that her biggest secrets have been hidden in plain sight all along. Reassessing our most fundamental assumptions about our deepest and longest cherished core beliefs requires real courage and even a willingness to endure ridicule. When Dorothy pulled back the green curtain, she was changed forever – for the better. It is the author’s sincere belief that everyone who walks the Yellow Brick Road (i.e. the Spiritual Path) must eventually summon the courage to look behind the mysterious veil that separates us from our real world wizard. Most of what follows is not pleasant or easy reading but all of it comes right out of the pages of Holy Scripture itself.

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