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Wonderful Andrew of Oz, The: A

White Jr., Keith
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White Jr., Keith
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Coloring Book

Andrew ran into his bedroom and threw his face into his pillow. As he cried, he wished over and over again that he could live in the Land of Oz and never have to see his family again. As Andrew looked, he saw a giant cyclone appear out from one of the clouds. Before he knew it, the cyclone was heading right for him. He tried to close the window, but, the wind was so strong that he couldn't push it down, no matter how hard he tried. He called out for help, but, no one must have heard him over the sound of the storm. Before he knew it, he was pulled out of the window." Grab your crayons and join Andrew, The Scarecrow, The Tin Tyler and The Cowardly Collin as they search The Emerald City for the the Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz!

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