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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Of Dismal Things to Do and Deeply Sympathizing

Baxley Jr., Ron
Wallace II, James C.
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Tennille, Gwendolyne
Scientia Est Vox Press

Hold on to your Mad Hatter hats and your Cheshire Cats as the oddest adventure in both Wonderlandand Oz comes to its climactic and thrilling conclusion with the third and final chapter in the OfCabbages/Wonderland/Oz series by authors Ron Baxley,Jr. and James C. Wallace II. There's the Jabberwok in all its glory, Princess Ozma going where no princess has gone before, and even Santa Claus gets into the act as he comes to the aid of the Ozian Heroes in their search for the Blitzen Sword. It seems that the Ebony Box that had held Evil at bay for so long has finally given up its darkest secret; an Evil so dark and overwhelming that all of Wonderland has succumbed to its foul stench and Evil ways and the legendary Blitzen Sword is the only hope for the citizens of Wonderland. It takes a journey to the North Pole, the sacrifice of a legendary Walrus and the efforts of both Oz and Wonderland in order to ensure that Evil is defeated once and for all!

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