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Eureka in Oz

Hulan, David
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Neill, John Rea
Red Hen Publications

Novella that explains the mystery of how Eureka got back to Oz (she appears out of the blue in The Patchwork Girl of Oz after being sent to Kansas in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz) and how she went from being white to pink. This story spans the course of a few years, beginning shortly before the events of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, with Eureka kicking around in Australia as a kitten when Dorothy finds her after she returns from Oz (as detailed in Ozma of Oz), then on her trip to San Francisco, where the events of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz occur, and then to Kansas. Her life in Kansas proves unsatisfying, and Eureka ends up following Dorothy back to Oz in The Road to Oz, concealing her pursuit initially from lack of trust of the Shaggy Man, and then because she doesn't want to be sent back to Kansas. After sparing the Queen of the Field Mice, Eureka is sent to Professor Nowitall, who teaches her about Oz and manners. When the Red Menace, a rogue tixie (a being responsible for the colors of Oz) is loose in the land, Eureka captures it and returns it to its domain, but turns pink in the process. The story concludes shortly after the events of The Emerald City of Oz, when Eureka and the Professor go to the Emerald City to ask Ozma to stay.

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