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No Place Like Home (Comic Series #1-5)

Tirotto, Angelo
Here 12361236.jpg
Jordan, Richard
Image Comics
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

If the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no place like home. Well, for three small town friends, Dee Dee, Lizzie, and Helen, home is never going to be the same again. No Place Like Home #1 – a new property from Image Comics – is a tantalizing read that takes a very well paced approach to its storytelling. Dee has come back to Emeraldsville, Kansas on account of that her parents have perished in a freak tornado accident, and are to be buried promptly within the coming days. Accompanied by her hipster “bitch in charge” friend, Lizzie, the two girls begin to discover some very strange happenings in their once familiar town.

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