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Friend of Dorothy (Comic Series #1-3)

Anderson, Brian
Here 12081208.jpg
Centeno, Neftali
CBG Comics
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

Friend of Dorothy is about a gay teenager who thinks that his life is devoid of meaning (seemingly from a failed relationship). Just when he thinks it is about time to give up on life, he is visited by a mystical creature. As it turns out, there is something very special about young Scott-John, and the magic man is none other than the Good Witch of Oz himself!! As the Friend of Dorothy, Scott-John is given some magical items as well as a sidekick – the grandson (or is great-grandson? I forget) of THE Toto! You see, when Toto was in Oz, he sired some kids. So now years later, his descendants are allies of Oz – they look like human dogs but can talk like the animals of Oz.

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