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Road to Aj, The

Martin, Sean
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In a wickedly demented riff on a well known 1939 film, Dore Gale — waiter and hopeless romantic — is carried off to the strangely familiar world of Aj, where he joins with a cabaret singer, a wealthy bon-vivant, and a down-on-his-luck professional wrestler to save this odd little land from a dangerous military coup. Finding things within himself he never dreamed possible — courage, resourcefulness, the ability to tap dance backwards — Dore succeeds in saving the day and landing the man of his dreams... only to discover that Aj holds one last surprise that will change his life forever. A dazzling, non-stop voyage through American pop culture of the past thirty years, THE ROAD TO AJ mixes generous proportions of thrilling adventure and heart-stopping romance as Dore discovers that, yes, there's no place like home. And sometimes there's a very good reason for that. Oh, and watch out for the bakers. Those suckers are nasty.......

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