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Book 1 in the Return to Wonderland series. Dorothy Abigail Osborne can't stand another minute in her small Kansas town, where the men are either too old, too young, or too backwoods. Not to mention living with her elderly Aunt Maye, who thinks sex is one of the seven deadly sins. But just as she's packing her bags, disaster strikes. A tornado barrels through her home, snatching up Abby and her Irish Wolfhound, too. When Abby wakes, she's sure she's dreaming. Not only is she not in Kansas anymore, she's on another planet. An enchanting planet filled with sexy men more than willing to make all her erotic dreams come true... Lord Kir, Ruler of Emerald City and Lord of the cave-dwelling mountain wolves, finds a treasure on his yellow brick road. She's beautiful. She's confusing. She's absolutely maddening. Abby isn't from his world-nonetheless, he knows he must make her his own. Claim her. Teach her the pleasures of submission. Yes. This was his woman, his kitten, his lifemate. Abby Osborne will belong to Kir for eternity...if he can keep her from killing him first. Note: Return to Wonderland is set in the same universe as Cheyenne McCray's Wonderland series. Although you will meet many of the same characters, it is not essential to have read the previous books.

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