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Learn 'Em Good - Reading Comprehension - The Wizard of Oz: Improve Your Child's Reading Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, and Communication Skills with L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz

Ackerman, Stuart
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Your child can now read the classics and improve his or her reading skills at the same time! This book in the Learn'Em Good Reading Comprehension series provides your child with the essential reading comprehension and language skills needed for school and in life. The first section of this book contains reading comprehension strategies, tips, and worksheets that your child can use while reading this book. You are also given clear and simple strategies to help your child improve reading, writing and communication skills. In the second section of this book, you will find questions and reading strategy cues that can be used throughout the entire text. Your child can independently read the story, you can read it out loud to your child, or you can do both. Finally, the third section of this book delivers the original text of L. Frank Baum's 'The Wizard of Oz'. Here, your child can develop a passion for reading while, at the same time, practice important reading comprehension strategies. In this book, you will find a 50% off promotion code for any membership.

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