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Dorothy's Oz Dream: A Guide to Enchantment and Empowerment

Kroner, Jonathan
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BookSurge Publishing
Self Help

Lost the magic? Stressed and struggling on the way to your dreams? Find your happiness, as revealed through a mythical, magical dream. With simple, understandable explanations, this insightful book explores an empowering allegory – how Dorothy finds courage, wisdom, passion, and magic using her dreamer’s toolkit. It reveals Dorothy's way to happiness, independence and success; the secrets to her enchanting Oz dream; and how to apply them so you can: *Rediscover your dreams. *Add sparkle to your path. *Understand Oz's symbols & mythic objects. *Transcend fears (seven ways). *Unlock your hidden potential and buried talents. *Manifest greater courage, passion, and wisdom, Dorothy’s Oz Dream uncovers the powerful secrets of an iconic tale forever woven into the American psyche. Click your heels and magically meet daily challenges with this guide to your own yellow brick road to your rainbow of a new enchanted life.

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