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Dorothy and the Computer Demons of Oz

Fuller, James L.
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IUniverse, Inc.

In Dorothy and The Computer Demons of Oz, Dorothy Gail has returned to the outside non- magical world and grown up to become a mature adult. She is making a living teaching college students about psychology and education. Dorothy is almost ready to retire from teaching. She has managed to get through all of her life without having to used computers. Just as she is ready for a weekend, her boss informs her that he has some programs she needs to install in the student computer lab for her students to use. She panics. She hasn't any idea how to use a computer. Dorothy, like many adults that haven't had to use computers and is afraid of computers. What is she going to do? She has until Monday to work out her problems with computers. Dorothy doesn't know it, but she is fortunate enough to have his adopted niece, Katie, and nephew, Tommy, visiting her for the weekend. Like most grade school children, they like computers. Meanwhile, the Land of Oz is also having problems with its computers. Dorothy, Katie, and Tommy are invited to Oz to help solve the computer problems. While they are doing this, Tommy and Katie teach Dorothy to use computers. Of course they run into villains and other dangers.

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