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Borrowing Shop of Oz, The

Fuller, James L.
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The Polos are about to take their dream vacation. They go to pack their camera for the trip. The camera is missing! They have to take the trip without it. Some of their favorite socks are also missing. When they return home, they find the camera right where it belongs. How strange. They get the vacation and New Year's pictures developed. Instead of New Year's, they receive someone's party pictures. This must be a mistake. They return the pictures and try to find their own pictures. Suddenly they are transported to the Land of Oz. They end up the Borrowing Shop, in Holeville, in the Land of Oz. This is a part of Oz that outsiders are forbidden to know about. They are told that they can't return home by the method that brought them to Oz. They need to go to the Emerald City and seek the help of Ozma or the Wizard of Oz in order to get home. They have several adventures in their attempt to get to the Emerald City, but finally get there. Unfortunately, neither the Wizard or Ozma are in the Emerald City. Scraps, the Patchwork Girl of Oz, is the temporary ruler of the Emerald City. When she finds out they are outsiders and know about the Borrowing Shop, she has them arrested. Dorothy then tries to help them. Of course things don't go as expected. Things seem to keep getting worse even with the help of Dorothy, Toto, Betsy Bobbin, the Hungry Tiger, and the Cowardly Lion. In fact they all end up in trouble. How will the story end? Will the Polos find the missing pictures and their way home? Read the book to find out.

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