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Flight to Oz, The: Book I: Arrival

Krych, J.W.
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Jacobson, Taylor
Bishop, David
Said, Ahmad
Warneke, Jayden
Civati, Chiara
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Visitors from the future have been brought to Oz in a spaceship unlike anything anyone from Oz has ever seen! An unspeakable evil has been waiting and growing stronger for 120 years for their moment to strike. Glinda the Good has been given a Vision by Lurline herself on how to deal with the evil. Will Ozma follow the Vision? Will Glinda learn in time? (Illustrators for The Flight to Oz Book I: Arrival - David Bishop: “The Ladies of Oz”, “He Accepts”; Chiara Civati: “Crew Sketches”, Chapter Illustrations; Ahmad Said: “Concept Illustration”, “Betsy and Jonathan”, “The Officers and Gentlemen”, SRSEC Logo; Jayden Warneke: “The Loves of Oz”; Taylor Jacobson, font work)

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