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Evil of Oz, The

Fuller, Ryan
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Baijnath, Sanjana
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Remember the creepy movie sequel to The Wizard of Oz called Return to Oz that came out back in 1985? Sure, it was unsettling and not really for kids, but it wasn't a straight out horror story. The Evil of Oz sets out to correct that, as writer Ryan Fuller and artist Sanjana Baijnath tell young Dorothy Gale's story as she returns to Oz with an ax and a grudge. The comic opens with cops investigating a horrific murder scene. Dorothy stands in her house covered in blood. She seems to know who's responsible for the deaths of her aunt and uncle and she needs to click her ruby slippers together to find the killer. She heads back to Oz, armed with the murder weapon (an ax) to hack her way through Oz, beginning with Munchkinland and going all the way to the Emerald City.

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