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Remembering Oz: My Journey with the Scarecrow

Rickard, Christianna
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Tate Publishing

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved movies of all time, and the Scarecrow is one of its most revered characters. Behind the character was a man of great spirit who guided his niece, Christianna Rickard, down the Yellow Brick Road of life. The unforgettable Ray Bolger taught her lessons that gave her courage and direction when a twister nearly blew her life off course. Great challenges swirl around all of us today on the unpredictable journey through life. In Remembering Oz: My Journey with the Scarecrow, the author shares vivid memories of her uncle and creates a vision of wholeness to remind us of our most essential bond --- that of being human. Her uncle, the Scarecrow, dances again in this uplifting memoir about the classic American story that mysteriously unites us all.

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