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Helda the Red Witch of Oz

Fuller, James L.
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Howard and Ida have their great-great-nephew and nieces visiting. They are nephew Colton who is age 6 and likes to be called C-Dog. And nieces Sydney age eight and Peyton age eleven. The nephew and nieces spent the afternoon playing board games. Ida cooked one of her prize winning prairie style mince meat pies for dessert and took it upstairs to show to Howard. It was to be a surprise for Cdog, Sydney and Peyton. Cdog became hungry around dinner time. Sydney, Peyton and Cdog went looking for their aunt and uncle to see about eating dinner. They couldn't find them anywhere. The children end up in their aunt and uncle's bedroom. Peyton sent Sydney and Cdog down to the kitchen to find something to eat. While Peyton sat on the bed wondering what to do, she noticed a broom on the wall under a shelf with a cigar box size object on it. There was a sign under the box that said to use it in case of a magical emergency. Peyton takes down the box and a message appears on it. It asks what is the emergency? Peyton replies that here aunt and uncle have disappeared. The box starts talking. It scares Peyton. The box says its name is Boxer and calls for the help of Snowball, Victor, and Fastsweeper. The broken vacuum cleaner and the broom come over to the bed. Snowball, who is a rabbit hand puppet asks for help to get to the bed. Sydney walks into the bedroom and sees and hears Boxer, Fastsweeper, Victor, and Snowball talking. She finds it hard to believe. Boxer tells Sydney and Peyton how to put together the flying vacuum cleaner. However, Boxer doesn't know if the children can do the rescue mission. Just then Cdog comes in and sees the vacuum and broom by the bed. He thinks they are trying to play with them without him. They tell him that isn't so. Cdog then insists on getting Recharger a carpet sweeper and it charger. When Cdog finds out the vacuum and broom can fly he insists that the carpet sweeper can also fly. Boxer finally tell the children to go get some sleep and come back at dusk and be prepared to go to the Land of Oz to rescue their aunt and uncle. Will Boxer be able to make the carpet sweeper fly? Can the children make it to the Land of Oz and find their aunt and uncle? Will the children be held prisoners by the nannies? Will they get trapped in a haunted cabin? Will be end up in a dungeon? Read the story to find out.

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