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Dr. Todd and the Magical Dental Chair to Oz

Fuller, James L.
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Tommy is an eight and a half year old who is going to a six-month dental checkup. Of course some of the older children at school told Tommy what to expect of the dentist. Tommy didn't quite believe the children but he didn't quite disbelieve them. When he was having the dental checkup, he had his teeth cleaned and x-rayed for the first time. A cavity was discovered. The dentist says it is nothing to worry about. It can wait to be fixed. Tommy was afraid that the new cavity would grow very big before his next checkup. He gets very upset. The dentist decided to fill the cavity. Tommy was afraid of the pain. The dentist managed to fill the tooth without any pain. Just as the dentist is finishing up, the lights go off and everything spins around. When the lights come back on things seem to be different. What was to the right is now to the left. The waiting room now has comic books. The parking lot is missing. What happened? Now Tommy is fine and everyone else is upset. Tommy tries to tell the others that they are now in the Land of Oz. They don't want to believe him. How did they get there? Why are they there? Tommy gets his mother to call his Aunt Dorothy. The citizens of the Land of Oz don’t have medical or dental problems. Why is a dentist needed in Oz.? If a dentist isn’t needed in Oz, how will the dentist and his staff make a living. Does their visit to Oz have anything to do with the Wizard of Oz. Is it true one can play a tune on the teeth of the Hungry Tiger? Read the book to find out.

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